My Promise


A good realtor will try to save you time and money. To find a good realtor see how he has performed by comparing his or her buy/sell to listing price ratio to the average on the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) .

Do the same comparison on the average duration of their listings in the market.

Always ask yourself: "Should I trust a realtor to negotiate one of the largest investments in my life on my behalf? Has my realtor demonstrated skills of a strong negotiator?"


My Commitment to all Sellers and Buyers are

1.   Whether you are buying or selling you will have a proven expert that 
will negotiate for you. This is the most valuable

2.   You will have a full-time realtor dedicating his full attention to you when you need him.

3.   I will thoroughly explain the techniques that I use for the best possible home value evaluation.

4.   I will provide you with constant feedback and professional guidance for selling or buying your home.

5.  For Sellers I will provide you with a written marketing plan in addition to the MLS listing and other standard techniques. Service that I provide for my clients.

6.  You will be gratified with a committed Realtor who reaches to the highest possible level of service and provides you and complete fiduciary duty.


I have gained most of my clients through referrals. This is the biggest complement as it lets me know that my current clients are very satisfied with the services I have provided to them.


Decision Making


"Smart people secure their financial structure by employing a combination of career and practical revenue from the investment."


I believe that real estate is one of easiest and most approachable investments for future monetary security. Rent payments will be gone, yet mortgage payments will increase your equity for your future. In a progressive or healthy economy, growth of the investment offsets inflation which may save you thousands of dollars. All you need is a combination of ambition, risk management and expertise.


To start, you should consider three essential questions

  1. Should I proceed, and can I be motivated?
  2. Should I perform the work myself with the intention of saving commission? Does that really save me money at the end?
  3. To obtain a valid answer to those questions, you can meet with Bruce LotfiThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for a free consultation.


How should you proceed?

If you hold the same beliefs as I, you expect accomplishments. To achieve a successful advancement in this field you need up-to-date Real Estate knowledge, the services of an expert Realtor.

Look at your knowledge and skills then evaluate if you can accomplish, on your own, good investments in Calgary's real estate market. Pay attention to the hidden dilemmas which are experienced by many clients. That is, they don't realize the entirety of extra efforts and expertise required to proceed without professional assistance. Furthermore, after enduring this hardship and extra work, you might accomplish less than what a professional realtor can achieve, yet you may end up with higher potential for mistakes and exposure to the risk of lawsuits.

Make your decision as to employ or not employ a realtor before it is too late. Here are some questions you may ask yourself to recapture your dilemma:

  1. How would I find buyers or sellers?

  2. How do I minimize risk of lawsuits?

  3. Do I have up to date real estate knowledge?

  4. Do I have skills in real estate industry?

  5. Do I have access to sufficient resources?

  6. Do I have skills for a factual comparative market price and analysis

  7. Do I know how to use risk reduction techniques in real estate?

  8. Am I familiar with legality of a binding contract and other real estate legal issues?

  9. What kind of skills and techniques will a licensed realtor such as B. Lotfi use to save me time and money?

To obtain a valid answer to those questions, you can meet with B. Lotfi for a free consultation.


The Law of Supply and Demand

According to the economic law of supply and demand, the more demand we have for a commodity, the higher the value will be, however, the more supply we have, the better the deal we can get. There are more than 4500 licensed realtors in Calgary, and a few thousand listings. These realtors also have access to thousands of qualified buyers. This situation uses the power of the law of supply and demand to our client's benefit. Due to Alberta's Privacy Act, most of the details on clients and houses for sale cannot be publicly disclosed. You need the assistance of a realtor to gain access to that valuable information.


Influence of Negotiation Techniques

To obtain a good deal, a third party (Realtor) should use proper and professional negotiating techniques with no emotional involvement. I, as a third party, I never have any interest in my client's property, so I am not emotionally involved. Thus I will use my unique negotiation techniques professionally and logically to insure the best possible results. I endeavor to change the environment to a suitable atmosphere which can be beneficial to my client. I will then use other top notch sales skills learned in extensive unique training and other real estate deals to achieve the best results. Furthermore, buyers and sellers often are more open to a third party, than to each other. This is another advantage. Throughout, I used my negotiation technique in favor of my clients.


Choosing a Realtor



The Problem

What makes one agent ask for full commission while another one struggles to list for less? The struggling agent doesn't believe in themselves or the service they are providing including negotiating/marketing techniques. They already demonstrated this technique to you by way of negotiating their own commission. Then what would be your expectations they do for you across the negotiating table on one of your biggest investments? What would be their marketing plan in conjunction with supply and demand to compete and get the best results for you and......? Be careful when you're thinking of hiring someone who does not believe in themselves, your losses will probably outweigh your gain. Most realtors are usually more concerned with generating new listings. After you list with them, they become much more difficult to contact. The truth is they often assume that, eventually, their listing will sell just because they've put it into the MLS system, even if it takes several months and a couple of price reductions to do it. So be cautions of any realtor who focuses on an inflated price evaluation on your property to get the listing.


The Solution

Here are some questions you may use based on the above mentioned warning to find out about the commitment to the professionalism of a Realtor before you make your decision:

  • Do you work as a full-time realtor?
  • Do you have a written marketing plan? Ask for explanations and commitment.
  • What is your feedback for better results?
  • How often will I hear from you after I list my property with you?
  • What is your area of specialization? 6.What technique have you used to determine my property price? Ask for explanation.
  • Will you market my property in the internet actively, directly to the buyers and other Realtors?
  • What can I do to help sell my property?
  • How long have you lived in Calgary?


Influence of Marketing Services



Marketing Service = Exposure = More Prospects = Increased Value & Faster Sale

High quality and high volume marketing will make a significant difference in real estate transactions. My extensive and successful marketing program is a tremendously helpful tool in getting results and assuring client satisfaction.


 Your property will be advertised on:

  • The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Exchange Website, an exclusive realtor-only website.

  • The MLS Website, where the information is publically accessible.

  • The CIR Realtors Website.

  • Real Estate Newspapers.

  • Newspaper Advertisements.

  • An advertisement sign.

  • Your property will be boosted in weekly realtor meetings.

  • My sphere of influence with various other clients and contacts.

  • Phone Calls.

  • Open Houses and Flyers.

  • Other Factors that will increase the probability of a quick and efficient sale:

  • Your property will be boosted in weekly realtor meetings.

  • My sphere of influence with various other clients and contacts.

  • Phone Calls.

  • Open Houses and Flyers.


My Seller VIP Plan


Most realtors are usually more concerned about generating new listings than they are about selling the properties they've already listed. After you list your property with them, they become much more difficult to contact. If they're not making progress on selling your property, you're the last person they want to talk with. The truth is they often just assume that your property will eventually sell just because they've put it into the MLS system, even if it takes several months and a couple of price reductions to do it.

I am different. My Client property Feedback System is a way that I will provide you with a much better property selling experience ending with the results you need. Here's how it works:

  • Eachtime your property is shown to a prospective buyer, the details of the showing are followed for my feedback.
  • My system then follows up with each showing agent to solicit their buyer's comments on your property.


As my client, you will receive:

  • The necessary reports and/or statistic summaries.
  • Activity that I have done to help sell your property.
  • What does this mean to you?
    1. I'll get direct and indirect feedback from prospective buyers of your property, allowing me to correct any misconceptions about your property or improve on problems with the way your property shows BEFORE they impact negatively on the sale of your property.
    2. I am also able to let other agents know about any changes in your listing. After all, what good is a marketing change if nobody knows about it
    3. Feedback is always available to you. You’ll never feel like you are "out of the loop".
    4. Not only you will get superior customer service, but your property will sell faster and at a higher price. My VIP Seller Service provides you with timely, feedback from prospective buyers so your property will sell FASTER and for MORE money!



 Selling a House that Won't Sell




If your home hasn't sold or has come off the market, don't be discouraged. The reason your home did not sell may have nothing to do with your home or the market. In reality, your home may have been one of the more desirable properties for sale.


So Why Didn't Your House Sell? There is usually a common reason as to why a house doesn't sell. It is because, as many sellers find out after their first attempt to sell, they need to be educated on how to sell their house for top dollar in the shortest period of time.


Don't risk making the wrong choices and losing both time and money on your investment. Before you hire a realtor, know the right questions to ask to save you time and money. Industry experts have prepared special tools such as "The Sale-ability Checklist" to make sure your home sells the next time you list it for sale.



My Buyer VIP Plan

My experience shows that most people who are looking for a property they want three things:

  1. The Best Property.

  2. Lowest Overall Cost.

  3. Minimum Inconvenience.

To help you find right property at the right price in the shortest period of time, I have developed a simple process and I will explain it when we meet. I have found out, through my experiences, that if I don't follow a designated process, I am not doing my job properly, and as a result I am wasting your time. So the following will assure the best results from my designated process and my VIP program.

I email, fax, or mail you new listings of all MLS properties that match to your property buying criteria. So instead of having a realtor taking you from property to property, wasting your time by showing you many properties that don't interest you, my exclusive Buyer Profile System allows you to pick which properties you want to view before other buyers even know about them.


As a VIP buyer   

  1. You will receive a list of ALL the new listings that match your criteria.
  2. You get the pick of properties that interest you and the ability to beat other buyers to an offer.
  3. Because you're there first, before most other buyers, I am able to negotiate the lowest possible price for you.
  4. Most importantly, your time isn't wasted by viewing properties that don't interest you.